by Markus Nylund

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This album was recorded in the summer of 2007 in Savitaipale, Finland.


released September 3, 2007

All songs written & produced by Markus Nylund

Markus Nylund (guitars, voices, piano, percussion)
Jyrki Tomminen (harmonica)
Ninni Poijärvi (violin/fiddle)
Riikka Lampinen (cello)

Artwork: Roope Rautava

Mastering: Svante Forsbäck




Markus Nylund Finland

Hi. I'm a music maker from Finland. I create songs about my emotions and experiences. Enjoy the albums and if you like them, please consider buying a few so I can continue making more.
Thanks :)


PS. If you want to get in touch with me, you can email me here: (I personally respond to all emails)
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Track Name: Millionaire
Bad luck is a temporary thing
As long as you know how to begin
You'll be alright
Bad luck can be a terrible thing
But if you wanna be a king
You gotta know what it's like
To have nothing

Everybody is a millionaire
Who goes to sleep, when nobody cares
Everybody is a millionaire
Who has a dream, that nobody believes

This world can be a beautiful place
If you wanna see it that way
Yeah you will
This world has such a pretty face
But when you look inside
It's not the same

Everybody is a millionaire
Who know that they're nothing more than the air
Everybody is a millionaire
Who know it's not all about the circles and the squares

Everybody is a millionaire
People that are brave are getting quite rare
Everybody is a millionaire
The money that you make might not get you anywhere
Track Name: Doors
We need doors to pull us in
Doors to keep us out
Doors that scream and doors that shout
To hide our doubt
The doors are opening now

Barely open I couldn't resist
I heard them whisper and I felt them kiss
My dreams, my fears and my love is adrift
Circling me like vultures they did

The door was locked so I walked away
But behind them there were screams
When I turned away in my pocket was a key
But I turned away cause temptation leads to gold
And gold corrupts the soul
So I'll just turn away
All my life I've been turning
I've been turning away
It's time to take that key and step inside
Watch them make love below and Mrs.night above

I push and I pull
But the door won't give in
I'm locked outside and I can't get in
Key in hand, suddenly it's gone
I'm left alone, I'm stranded and I'm lost
The doors are closing now

I don't wanna have to wonder
About where I went wrong
So I'll just walk blindfolded
On this tightrope and I'll dance
Sing my victory song
Track Name: Aware
Something is happening to me
But I'm not scared
I guess I'm just becoming more aware
Aware of what I am
And what is around
Aware of all the troubles
That each of us surrounds

I'm seeing things differently
Things I might've liked
Now have become objects
Which I might even despise

Aware of what you are
And how you live
Aware of what you don't got
What you don't give

People around me
Places I see
Leave me feeling so empty
Like it's not what it is supposed to be

Aware of all your mistakes
Which you constantly make
Aware of what you don't say
And all the time you waste

Are you someone to look up to?
Someone who can be admired
Are you a hero?
Are you a fighter?
Are you a winner?
Are you a climber?
Or are you just another tired old man
Who's young at heart
With a lottery ticket in his hand
Cause you look tired
You make me sick
You're a liar and you don't even give a s**t

Aware I have become
Of the moon and of the sun
And how they shine on everyone

But still you complain
While you look the other away
Aware I am
But I do not understand
Track Name: Until You're Mine
I wait for you
Like a star waits for the night
And I'll feel so blue
Until I know that you are mine

I dream of you
Like a lake dreams of the moon
When I see that light
I will know that you are mine

Now I'm hoping that something
Will shake those leaves tonight
To take my sorrow
And tomorrow
Will be a different fight

I look for you
Like the sun looks for the dark
The one to take away my loneliness
And cold, you are

I pray for you
Like a child who prays for god
To take away my troubles
To guide me you will come

Now I'm rowing this boat
Somewhere I have never been
I am going while knowing
That there's a world that I ain't seen

Last night I dreamed I was an ordinary man
I didn't care about things that I don't understand
Not trapped inside this body doing what I can
I didn't feel like this wanderer I am

I feel you near
Though I know that you are far
You don't need a ticket to my heart
Cause I saved you a spot
Track Name: Love Is War
There I stand at your door
But you can't see me anymore
So what is it that we're fighting for
You let me in, I touch your skin
But can't you see that I feel nothing
If I know I've lost, how can you win?

You wanna make a heart that aches
Into a stone, well you're doing great
But I'm alone and you do not know
Where lovers go, when they are so in love
That hate begins to show
If I'm a stone, how can you grow?

Your cold lips made warm
By my touch but now I'm torn
But from despair, a spark is born
A spark that turns into fire
To burn away our last desires
Now it's time to close the door

Your life turned upside down
You feel like you are inside out
How can you leave me now?
When I need you the most
You left me here
Now I'm just a ghost
A miracle nobody knows
Why the hell do I want more?
But my feelings I can't ignore
If this is a game, who's keeping score?

It's not too late to forgive
But it's too late to forget
That love is war
And without this war
There's nothing worth living for
Track Name: Sorry Eyes
Sorry Eyes

The more I talk to you, the more I feel like i'm home
and scared I am knowing that maybe you couldn't be mine
The farther we are, oh the closer it seems
Maybe we should just be close to each other

You walk by and you see my sorry eyes kissing you goodbye

t's nice to feel empty when you know you want more
It's cruel to become useless when you know you could do more
Like a cigarrette I burn, like a love letter i'm torn

You walk by and I see your sorry eyes kissing me goodbye

It's the good memories that make us feel so bad

You walk by and we see each other
Forever hoping
that you'll feel my sorry eyes
kissing you goodbye
Track Name: Wild At Heart
I come home late at night
Nobody there I expect to find
She's been waiting for me
Such a long time
She doesn't say this but
I can see it in her eyes
They burn a hole through my mind
She wants to feel me inside
Lights off she says
Just a candle burns beside the bed
Enough so we can see
Our shadows on the wall
We make love
And our souls become one

We lie beside each other to catch our breaths
And the candle is now gone
You can see everything
Even if it's dark
When you're wild at heart

I'm not a fighter
But I'm a souldier
She fades away
And I hold her
Have you ever looked at yourself
And felt like you saw someone else?
If I'm not a child then I am not alive
Someday I will be a man
When I find out who I really am

The more you think you are smart
The more you are not
I'm a warrior inside
But I got nothing to hide
There's a calmness in my eyes
I am dancing in the dark
I am wild at hear
Track Name: Late Night Walk
tell myself it's not what it seems
she breaks my heart everytime she breathes
consume myself wondering
who can i be
every night when I close my eyes
I see them laugh and I hear them cry
like beggar on the street
who wants to grow into a child again
everybody knows the difference
between right and wrong
but nobody seems to know the difference
between a fight for freedom
and a fight gone wrong
I wanna see the world inside
most people think that i'm just running away
the truth is that i'm just wondering
wondering where can i be
I wanna see the world outside
but I don't know how although I try
I need the rain to comfort me
the smell of life is pulling me
everywhere I go I listen
but sometimes it's hard to hear
most people walk but they are missing
what really matters
I go outside for a late night walk
I don't look the door cause I won't be long
I've had a few but not enough
I've never been to war
I've never talked to god
or who knows?
maybe I have
Track Name: Giving Up For Nothing
I'm tired of giving up for nothing
I just need someone to guide me
but I've pushed them all away
now it's just me and this lonely day
I'm tired of seeing what I think I see
I just wanna find something real
but now i'm giving up for nothing
and I cannot see anything
It's friday night and I'm laying in my bed
just deleting memories when my battery goes dead
I wish I could just clear my head
but I ain't giving up for nothing just yet
if life is a grain of sand and our universe is in between
and love is the wave that destroys and cleans
pain is the wind that throws love like a rag
I am like a fish, so helpless and dead
black is the sun but not in our eyes
cause the light we see is old just like this fight
against the warlords above who stab at my heart
I would crush them in my hands but you can't kill a thought
bury this rain alive so I can watch it wither
like my passion towards all these snake like dreams that slither
Track Name: Standing Still Might Kill You Inside
i chase her footsteps
although it's getting dark to see
i wish i knew what to do
so i could catch you
cause it's getting lonely as hell in this town
at least i have some time to look at
all those little details i may have missed
when i thought i knew who i was
i hope my past never catches me
that's why i gotta keep on moving
maybe a little less of dreaming
and more of believing

and now my thoughts are in chains
but the longer i stay
the harder it will be to change
people can ruin things for you
keeping your mind too open might risk individuality
helps keep myself company with me
and that's the way it usually goes
everybody have a tendency
to irritate me

i chase her footsteps
which i imagine completely
oh everyone has their own road
so stay out of my way
unless it's you i chase
i know you're just a chain in my head
that won't go away until a sacrifice is made
like a stone i wanna be
only the rain can comfort me
only the sea can terrify me
only laughter i feel
when i look at all these possibilities i see
like a stone i wanna be
buried under the sea
more free than here i could ever be

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