Nobody Land

by Markus Nylund

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This album was recorded in Savitaipale, Finland in the summer of 2010.


released October 10, 2010

All music & lyrics written, produced, and performed by Markus Nylund.
Mastered by Svante Forsbäck.




Markus Nylund Finland

Hi. I'm a music maker from Finland. I create songs about my emotions and experiences. Enjoy the albums and if you like them, please consider buying a few so I can continue making more.
Thanks :)


PS. If you want to get in touch with me, you can email me here: (I personally respond to all emails)
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Track Name: To Fall Is To Fly
You gotta fall if you wanna fly

All I need is within me now
Track Name: Sacrifice
From the fountain of youth
We drink until it's dry
We drink until we're drunk on life
We drink until we're blind
We drink until we are ready

For the sacrifice
To endlessly
Begin again

In the fountain of youth
We drown ourselves
We drown until hope is gone
We drown until the sunshine is too far
We drown until everything is lost

Amongst this sacrifice

On the fountain of youth
We float
Float in sweet serenity
Float in silent suffering
Float towards the shore

Where our sacrifice awaits
Where our sacrifice awaits

A new world with the same old mistakes
Track Name: Outsiders
Never was a poor boy
Never even had a chance
Never been a fighter
Never learned to dance
Never was a worker
Never even knew how
Never been a searcher
Never have been found

Forever doomed to be
Outside the circles
Drowning in the sea
Forever destined to be
Standing in the sidelines
Of this sick society

Never was the cool kid
Never was the nerd
Never was the joker
Never was a jerk
Never was a hippie
Never was a jock
Never had it all
Never f****d it up

Forever we will be
Hungry for the spotlight
Longing to be free
Forever destined to be
Lurking in the shadows
Chasing running dreams

Forever we shall be
Hiding in the corner
Stuck in between and underneath
Forever destined to be
Outside the waters
Waiting for what's coming to me
And what is going to be
Track Name: See
Somedays I am a lonely man
I don't know anything
And I don't understand
I walk along the streets like an invisible man
Sometimes I wanna disappear
But I know that I can't
I'm just a lonely man
Who is looking for a hand
I wanna disappear but I can't

Lately, I've been walking around
Singing songs in my head but not aloud
Sometimes I wanna go back to the good old days
I wanna be free
I wanna escape
I've been walking around
Singing songs in my head
I wanna go back but I can't

These days I've been looking for love
But I've been looking in places where I know it's not
I used to be scared of falling apart
I wanna find somebody who will tear me apart
Everybody wants to find somebody to love
I've been looking been looking so hard
Track Name: All or Nothing
It's all or nothing
It's the only way to go
It's all or nothing
It's all I've ever known

It's all or nothing
It's the only way to fly
It's all or nothing
To live or to die

You gotta break it down
Think in corners, not in rounds
So where are you now why do you feel so down?

It's all or nothing
Moderation is the enemy
It's all or nothing
Unless you wanna be forgotten
It's all or nothing
The easy way is out
It's all or nothing
To know is to doubt
It's all or nothing
The darkness of the sunshine
It's all or nothing
The outside of the inside
It's all or nothing
It's all or nothing
Track Name: Before
It was all over
Before it began
We knew what we wanted
Before it was planned
We wanted to know
We wanted to feel
Before there was hope
Before this was real

We loved somebody
We loved something
And it just got worse
We became what we were
A curse's curse
We forgot nothing
When remembering hurt

Before all this
There was a you without a me
A super hero without a world to save
A sinking ship full of gold
Though we were just
We were just as alone

Now you yearn
You yearn to be saved
The ship is sailing
But the gold is gone
We are alone
With our thought
Our love

Before all this
It was just us
Now it is us and your need
To find meaning in my words
And that's all I need
To know where you stand
Track Name: Striptease
Afraid to get our hands dirty
We lie awake lonely
Wishing someone
Would give us a push
Through the gate
If only

These clean white sheets
These clean restless feet
This soul stripped bare
Stuck in the glare
The comforting despair

She writes her love songs
Sings them in her hot baths
Wishing she was cleansed
Of all the dust that is settling
But her naked body remains
Craving to be stripped bare

I ain't messing with you babe
You know my name
You know my game
This is just the way I tell you
Things that you must know
I know I'm a selfish prick
For not keeping these stripteases
To and for myself

Our magic words
Our days of thunder
Will mean nothing
When we're over and under
When the waiting stops
When we have finally lost
And we're ready to start
Track Name: Amazed
Do you remember when you used to be a kid?
When it didn't really matter if you didn't know what you did
Your days were simple but your thoughts were big
Your toys weren't real but your laughter was
Sometimes you cried and wondered why
We have to grow up and leave this behind
Until then one day you woke up
Looked at yourself and you saw someone else
Looking into the eyes of a child
Looking up feeling amazed
At the greatness of the infinite sky

Now you feel so old inside
Everything is meant to be they said
But what if it really doesn't mean anything
It's getting hard to feel that spark you used to feel
When you thought you could run like the wind
Although you didn't even try
When you spend your whole life running away
Waiting for the scenery to change
You gotta remember
That the things you regret are the things that you don't forget
Sometimes you feel like you are going nowhere
You feel like you don't matter and nobody cares
But let me tell you something
You're going somewhere

Cause everybody is a something to someone

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